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The AbaFin Treuhand AG in Zug consists of a team of generalists with individual areas of expertise in auditing, taxation, accounting, bookkeeping, taking care of tax returns, tax consulting, tax optimization, VAT declaration, limited auditing, payroll administration, social insurance, tax ruling, domicile administration, mail forwarding, administrative mandate, board of directors, management, withholding tax, employment contracts, purchase contact and any other questions around finance, company, tax, foundation, ...

For support outside our area of competence, e.g. for VAT issues abroad, legal advice or regular revision.. we can recommend appropriate professional partners.


Martin Stäubli

Certified auditor, CEO AbaFin Treuhand AG

Birthday 1950, living in Horgen/Switzerland

Languages: German, English, French and Italian


Herbert Wey

Tax Expert

Birthday 1947, living in Kriens/Switzerland
Languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese


Tiina Ehrensperger

Member of Executive Board

Federally certified trustee

Birthday 1983, living in Olten/Switzerland

Languages: German, English, French


Aila Stäubli

Personal / Administration

Birthday 1951, living in Horgen/Switzerland

Languages: German, English, Finnish

Lächeln ältere Frau

Helen Kneubühler

Personal / Administration

Birthday 1955, living in Zug/Switzerland

Languages: German, English, French

Foto Daniel Jost.jpeg

Daniel Jost

Back-Office Finance & Tax

Birthday 1978, living in Zug/Switzerland

Languages: German, English


You focus on your core competencies, we do the tasks we have been assigned to you as if we were acting for ourselves.


Several years of experience in supporting and advising individuals self-employer or small-bigger companies.


Personally adapted solutions let us succeed together. It has to be right for both partners.

Your chance!

AbaFin Treuhand AG

Baarerstrasse 82

Postfach 7436

6302 Zug

Phone 0041 41 711 99 57


Treuhandbüro Zug AbaFinTreuhand AG
Sie konzentrieren sich auf Ihre Kernkompetenzen, wir erledigen die uns von Ihnen übertragenen Aufgaben so, als ob wir für uns selbst handeln würden.
Mehrjährige Erfahrung in der Unterstützung und Beratung von Einzel-personen und KMU.
Persönlich angepasste Lösungen lassen uns gemeinsam erfolgreich sein. Es muss für beide Partner stimmen.
Ihre Chance!
AbaFin Treuhand AG
Baarerstrasse 82
Postfach 7436
6302 Zug
Telefon: 041 711 99 57

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